I am honored to introduce you to the official website of the Oatman Fire Department, an organization of 14 dedicated firefighters, explorers and staff serving the Town of Oatman, parts of Mohave County and its citizens.

Oatman is a former mining town in the Black Mountains of Mohave County, Arizona, United States. Located at an elevation of 2,710 feet (830 m), it began as a tent camp soon after two prospectors struck a $10 million gold find in 1915, though the area had been already settled for a number of years. Oatman's population grew to more than 3,500 in the course of a year. ​Currently, Oatman has approximately 170 residents and 20 registered businesses.

I hope as you visit our website you find it very helpful, informative and a valuable resource for the residents, business community and visitors of Oatman.

The fire department was established April 28 1916 and has a proud history of protecting and serving the citizens of Oatman. As you might imagine, the City of Oatman Fire Department has seen many changes in the community and to this department over the past 102 years of existence, but the two thing that has remained constant is the Oatman Fire Department’s unwavering dedication and commitment to serving our community and that the Oatman Fire District is still 100% volunteer. Our mission is to protect the quality of life for present and future generations through interactions with the community. We strive to offer compassionate service and offer an atmosphere that encourages innovation, professionalism and diversity. We provide quality service, professional fire protection and life safety to meet the needs of the Oatman Community. The Oatman Fire District strives to provide protection to life and property in an expeditious and caring manner by utilizing a team of compassionate and highly trained individuals.

As Fire Chief, I have the privilege to serve this great historic community rich with tradition and charm. I am honored to work alongside dedicated and talented fire service professionals. The highly trained and professional men and women respond to close to 100 incidents annually, including structure fires, medical emergencies, car accidents, vehicle fires, hazardous material releases and vegetation fires. Each Fire District in Mohave County is part of a mutual-aid compact which allows us to call in a neighboring department for assistance and likewise allows them to contact us.

One of the goals that I have set for the Oatman Fire District is to create fire prevention and safety education programs that we will offer to the community. Business inspections and other safety programs have been enacted to keep our community a safe place in which to work and live.

I trust you will find the website helpful and informative. We will continue to prepare for evolving threats to our citizens through current and timely training, public education and emergency response, utilizing the public’s funds in the most economical manner to meet the broad spectrum of possible emergency needs. We look forward to serving you and the community of Oatman.

Thank you for visiting our website and for becoming acquainted with us.


Kathy Jenkins

Fire Chief

Oatman History

The Oatman Fire District will strive to safely protect the life and property in our community utilizing a professional team to provide excellent service.
​Business: 928-788-2102 Fax: 928-788-2103

Oatman Fire is committed to the safety and well-being of everyone that resides or passes through our great town.


Oatman Fire District is the oldest fire district in Mohave County, it was established April 28 1916 and is still 100% volunteer.